Overall Coins Market Direction is mixed with some ALTs forming bottoms from their recent dips and pumping.

  • 5 coins with massive profit potential for buying on DIPS. See our personal entry-price plans for each coin below.
  • Buy BTC on mega sale at $33,333? Bitcoin continues to trend lower. Technical indicators confirm short-term trend breakdown.

Overall Market Outlook

While the coins market has taken a pretty big dump across the board, we’ve seen a few Altcoins forming support lines and bouncing up from there. We’re finding that BTC pairs are outperforming their USDT equivalents due to BTC’s current weakness against USDT.

We’re expecting Bitcoin to trade lower for the next few days, and possibly even fake a bounce to $58,000 area to wipe out leverage shorts. Our BTC short term support levels:



If Bitcoin dips all the way down to the $33,333 area we’ll be selling our kidneys and taking out home equity loans to go all in…


Image from stonksforsmarties.substack.com

Just kidding 😅  We’re not THAT crazy, we promise. Realistically we’d put about 70% of our USDT holdings into BTC and trade BTC as our base currency for a few months. Why? Well:

That way we’d be buying Bitcoin at a SUPER cheap price, and trading that ‘cheaper’ Bitcoin to accumulate even more BTC as it continues it’s long-term uptrend. Can you see our method to the madness now?

5 Coins for 50%-100% potential gains

How we chose these 5 coins:

Our scanners track thousands of coin pairs across different markets in real time to find solid confluence zones for strong trending coins that can deliver 50-100% profits in a relatively short period of time!

Our market scanner picked up these coins based on strong upside momentum, liquidity and pullback levels. We believe once they find their support level, all of these coins have the potential to deliver superlative returns!

How we’ll make these swing trades:

We’ll be accumulating these coins over a wider ‘entry zone’ without using a stop loss. We expect the duration of our swing trades to last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to see a significant move from the lows we purchase at.


Our ideal buy zone: 1.90 / 2.40

We’re expecting this coin to make even more than 100% gains if we hold it for a while longer.


Our ideal buy zone: 1.30 / 1.60


Our ideal buy zone: 0.006 – 0.0085 (currently in the buy zone at the time of publishing)


We’ve settled on two entry zones for this coin:

0.235 – 0.249 for a potential 20-30% gain.

0.1677 – 0.1977 for a potential 50-100% gain.


0.009 – 0.012 

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