Hello dear readers, in these materials we will talk more about our system of work and we will explain all the problems it solves in your online cryptocurrency investments. We assume that many of you have lost money in such places, but why? Does everyone lose? Since this type of project existed before the Internet and continues to do so now, should there be people who make money? We will start with a few lines on this topic.

High performance investment platforms

This type of projects appear and disappear many times, every year. They are created for the purpose – the owners to develop their business idea and to leave with a large sum of money, which they will collect from their investors. Even if their goal is not initially so and to carry out real financial activity with the money we have entrusted to them, there is always an institution and / or law enforcement agency to press them and want a lot of documents and money to allow the owner of the investment platform to continue to operate. In this case, the team and the owner will disappear again. Another option for such a project to disappear is due to the greed of the people behind it. If you had a few million dollars raised by strangers, do you know what you would do? The income here optimally varies between 10-30% interest per month. There are those who pay similar rates DAILY, but they only last a few days on the market and disappear. Avoid anything that brings you more than the percentages mentioned above.

The principle is simple – when the new money and investors coming into the platform become less than the money that current investors withdraw, the doors close and payments are stopped. From this we draw a good conclusion – we are looking for an investment opportunity with strong Marketing

Can we profit in the long run from such platforms and trick the system?

Our answer is: DEFINITELY YES, WE CAN! 

The rules are simple, but to reach them from personal experience requires a lot of losses and many years of experience in this industry. We at Cryptocurrency-Times Ltd. offer a wonderful system of diversification, with which we successfully earn hundreds of percent profitability every year, and completely passive income! We proved our results a few years ago and now we are showing how things are happening. If you follow all our rules, we guarantee you long-term success and maximum reduced risk in this industry.

  • The first and most important rule is not to be greedy. Greed and emotions in general are the biggest enemies of any investor, especially in this type of investment.
  • The second rule that helps in 100% of cases is to make an investment as early as possible after its launch, but never do it blindly, and turn to a more expert than you in this topic, because 90% of this type of project disappears in the first few months / sometimes weeks. A huge mistake that we have seen for years is for people to wait for something like this to be proven on the market. This does not work here, because in most cases, while you wait for something to be proven to you, it will be too late for new investments and you will not have the technical time to kill even your own deposit.
  • Never believe what they show you because they show you what you want to see. It is very easy to deceive a person who is looking for easy and fast money, and you have been giving it to him for several months. There are people who easily get carried away and start blindly believing in something, invite new investors when it’s too late, and new ones lose money because the owners of the platforms disappear. Be careful what kind of people you work with!
  • Until the return on the initial investment, withdraw all your passive income regularly to your own external portfolio. Never take a risk with reinvestment, at least not until you have returned your own investment. This is also a very important part of our conclusions over the years of experience.
  • Nothing that works well will be changed. Look for red flags that appear on platforms, in most cases before they disappear. With most of the investment projects we have worked with, we have observed a number of changes before they disappear. If you notice some changes in the rules of the project, in the minimum deposit, in the minimum withdrawal, to cut some of the types of bonuses and any changes and loud titles and promises – the end is near.
  • Always participate and invest as much of your total capital as you can afford to lose. Here comes our system of working with the many investments and altcoin predictions we make. We will talk more about it in the following lines.

Work system with high-return investment.

Basis – the average half-life of such investments in which we have participated is between 1 year and 2 and a half years. According to the speed of marketing and the owners behind the platform.

Inside information – we know about some of these projects before they are launched. We are inside from their first day / week on the market. We know who will be the world leaders and who will participate there. We know approximately what purpose the owners behind the project would have and what amounts would be fine for them to collect. The owners of such systems have been the same over the years and are interconnected in a huge percentage of cases. A beginner in this industry cannot know it and will definitely need a competent opinion. PS – Many experienced people and competent people in the groups will not do it for you either, because they profit from you and they do not care when and where you will invest. The important thing for them is to take a commission from your investment!

Diversification – the distribution of risk in our projects is very good. We never cling to a platform from its inception to its end. We join at most 2 months after the official opening and presentation to the public, we draw until we get to 0 and we continue to draw, but without inviting new people while we are paid. So that even the last one invited by us does not take additional risk associated with the approaching end of the current investment platform and has the necessary technical time to make a profit.

Distinguish between the official opening / presentation of a project and the pre launch period. We invest in the period for preliminary tests and launch, and we work on our partner networks up to 2 months after the official opening.

Every few months we receive information about a new opportunity we will work with. A registration link is posted in our information channels in our Telegram chat, in our Facebook groups and on our page and in a personal message to the leaders in our organization. Of course, leaders are the first to keep order of their people at the moment. Within 1 calendar year, your portfolio can number over 3-4 investments, from each of which you can withdraw completely passive income. We ask everyone who has a team and considers themselves a leader to go into the necessary depth and provide us with the necessary list of people who will follow him in the future in new projects. We require this in order for foreign partners NOT to fall directly into our partner networks, but to always follow the people from whom they found out about us. We are waiting for your messages!

Altcoin and Bitcoin predictions 

In addition to investing and withdrawing passively from these projects, we also offer information for the purchase of certain alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins). Again with a 3 year history a huge part of our signals have impressive results. The upward trends of an altcoin are known in advance. Aren’t they created by someone after all? Even before all youtube channels talk about the “x” coin, even before the online news blogs start writing about the coin in question, before the signals in the groups, we had the information and waited patiently. If you want to have access to such information and be part of the sharks on the market, we are here for you!

Part of the money we withdraw from investment platforms we distribute in altcoins. We turn about 70% of altcoin back to Bitcoin, and we keep the remaining 30% long-term (6-12-24-36 months) for x10-x50, according to the coin. We continue to buy alternative cryptocurrencies with the money from our investments and increase the amount of Bitcoin. He is the basis of everything! Keep a basic percentage of your crypto always in Bitcoin. The result is an average – doubling of the deposited amount from the platform and subsequent doubling of the amount in altcoins. Subsequent investment in a new investment proposal, continuing to withdraw passive income from the first, growing and diverse investment portfolio and so on to the top!

We are maximally protected, because according to the more than 5-year statistics we have made, there is no way to lose the entire amount with which we start. Even if something happens to a platform / altcoin, we cover the loss with the others and we are at a profit again. The only problem would be if there was a complete downturn in the crypto market, but we have no control over it. Sounds great doesn’t it? And it really is!

What do we gain by sharing this information with you?


First of all, we are here to teach you how NOT to waste your money on the Internet, because we are tired of watching greedy and incompetent “Team Leaders” continue to push nice people in an attempt to make some money. The opposite in this case is that these are people with experience who have been doing this work for years and continue to work extremely IMMORALLY with their followers. These are exactly the ones who would promote your investment opportunity for 1 year and up and claim that this is different and will change your life. ATTENTION! ALL SIMILAR INVESTMENTS  END IN THE SAME WAY AND THEIR AVERAGE LIFE IS A YEAR AND A HALF. A motivated person with his only saved 1,000$ will invest them in such a platform with countless agitations and promises, and after losing them, he will never invest again, and will think everything is a fraud. Who needs this, and for a commission? Since we give you the option clearly and prove to you that we are achieving great success with this system, then why should people get to the point where they lose their last money? This is our mission, support us! 

Once we have clarified our cause, let’s share the rest of the information.

How do we earn over $ 1,000 a day, with our daily record being over $ 10,000.

Pyramid-structured partner networks have a similar type of platform. Instead of the projects paying for advertising, they decided to work on the MLM (MULTI LEVEL MARKETING) principle. This is marketing on many levels. The payment of the platform is made directly to you when you bring a new investor to it. This is a sale – Level 1. If your investor brings his own – this is Level 2 and the project pays us for it. In this way, the possible profits for realization are huge and the work in depth sometimes reaches 10 Levels. We have relationships with people who make over $ 40,000 A DAY from such work and have hundreds of thousands of followers. Multi-level marketing has developed at tremendous levels and is yet to develop at times. At the last worldwide lock on COVID-19, one of the few unaffected businesses, including emerging ones, were online stores and the MLM industry. The future there is huge and we guarantee it. There are already tens of thousands of people who have become millionaires and billionaires in this niche, and their number is growing with each passing day.

There are two options:

  1. Transferring our system to work for you, full training and explaining to people in full details what the risk of these investments actually is and how to avoid and reduce it. This option guarantees you great success, because you will be 100% honest with people and will take care of them and their financial situation. We have changed hundreds of lives, thanks to our work on presenting such investment projects. A huge plus in this case is that once you have built your partner network and take care of it, you will have the opportunity to invest wtih these people anywhere, because the system you share and show them is really working and protects them to the maximum. In the option below, this does not happen, there is a need after each loss to look for new and new people..
  2. Be like all those who show only the pink side and talk how good is this opportunity in which they work. Then, however, this is a deliberate misleading of people who do not have the information we are giving you at the moment. We certainly advise you to choose the first option and pass it on to as many of your current and future partners as possible. Avoid people and “leaders” of the second type – they will not bring you anything good!

What do you gain from this information?

  1. System for passive income, which guarantees you a minimum of 400% annual return.
  2. Understanding how this type of system works.
  3. A system with which you will not have to present a certain platform. Transmission of the system is very easy and is relatively easy to understand even by older people.
  4. You work 100% MORALLY and HONESTLY with people.
  5. Money protection and diversification between 3-4 projects and over 10 altcoin signals per year.
  6. A complete training system, which you will access in the Trainings section of the site menu. Attention: the training materials are intended only for current investors in any of our investments that we have presented to you.
  7. You are engaged in environmentally friendly business, which in no way harms people and nature around the world.
  8. You work from anywhere in the world, all you need is a phone / laptop and internet.

And all this completely FREE, LEGAL AND MORAL!


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