According to a survey by the crypto exchange Gemini 63% of adults in the USA are “crypto curious”. Just 23% are completely disinterested. The company expects the crypto investors to double by the end of this year which means that the price of the digital assets will go up. 

The survey of 3,000 US adults points that the average crypto investor is a 38-year-old male with an annual income of roughly $111,000. However, according to the results, there will be some changes and the average crypto investor will be older (44) and with a marginally smaller income ($107,000 a year).

The survey shows that over half of the interested investors are women – 53%. Looking deeply 25% of them are near retirement at 55 or older.

Education is a hot topic that will convert curious customers to actual holders. 39% of those who don’t hold cryptocurrency consider themselves “somewhat or very” knowledgeable about cryptocurrency. On the other hand, 60% identify themselves as “not very” or “not at all” knowledgeable. The good news – 77% indicate that they are open to learning more about digital assets.

According to Noah Perlman, CEO of Gemini “This new research signals a valuable and welcome diversification of crypto’s investor base. A broader set of participants establishes a positive long-term evolution of the market,”.  

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