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Today we want to show some statistics to give a complete view of what we do. We know that many of you do not believe or at least do not want to believe what opportunities are hidden in the Internet space, but today we will prove it to you.

We deal with all kinds of investments, but at the heart of things are investments in passive return platforms (you invest and receive income every day / week without doing anything). Amazing isn’t it? Let us give a few examples for our work over the last few years, after which we will attach a link in which I describe our strategy in detail. (To stop thinking that these are another empty promise). We guarantee that this post will be different.

Arbistar Investment Platform Here we started work and shared about the platform with you with a directly recorded start date in our review. Average monthly return 15-30% according to the stage of project development. A start that we announced publicly to our audience – March 8, 2019. Our own start was even a few months before.

March 21, 2020 we officially announced that we advice our partnes to withdrawal all funds and stay away from the platform because we think there are problems, as it happened. We worked actively to build our network until the 5th month after our inclusion, and even our last depositors had time to withdraw their profits.

The end result for completely passive income, about 14 months at an average of 20% net monthly return, which makes over 280% PROFIT without reinvestment, and with withdrawals every week. In compound interest accounts, some of us made thousands of percents.


The Legend:

ArbiStar distributes automated financial solutions for the Cryptocurrency industry. Think of this as a Fintech company, whose expertise is focussed on delivering digital solutions for Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. The Ai technology offered in their digital suite of products, aim to deliver cutting edge performance and long-term results.

Arbistar believe in merging technology and financial expertise to develop a powerful yet, self sustaining monetary system that anybody can utilize to generate Cryptocurrency profits. Solutions with Arbistar Our solutions are designed to run on their own (FULLY AUTOMATED) and provide ROI, even while you sleep.


Cryptocurrency passive income investments

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