Our experience:

Here we started work and shared about the platform with you with a directly recorded start date in our review. Average monthly yield 6-8%. Start, which we announced publicly to our audience – the beginning of March 2019. We have not yet officially announced our withdrawal from the platform and everything is working great, because we think this type of projects have the potential to work a little longer. We have not been actively working on building our network for over half a year so that even our last depositors can have the time to withdraw their profits.
The end result for completely passive investing about 12 months at an average of 5-6-7% net monthly return + the compound interest that is obtained, makes a doubling of our crypto deposits.

The Legend:

Torque Trading System is a system which helps various countries to manage the cryptocurrency in their country throughout the world. It is driven by the team of various experienced traders who have experience of more than ten years in this field. This system has introduced various opportunities to those who use this system, and currently, it is running in 5 countries. These countries are across Asia, which has various experienced traders and have great knowledge of this system.

Traders basically use two of the main strategies to run Torque Trading systems in different countries, and those strategies are Arbitrage and scalping. With the help of the latest technology development, this system has been increasing its connections. It has majorly made connections with more than 15 countries for exchange globally and executing various profitable trades without any risk. People should understand the importance of this system so that they can also use it and take advantage of it. This system helps the various countries to maintain their wallet with the help of Torque Walletand run their trade accurately.


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