TikTok indicator is saying crypto is here to stay…

It was, astoundingly, less than a month ago, May 8th, 2021, that Ethereum reached an all time high of $4,169. That was two days after Dogecoin, full of Musk momentum, hit .69 cents, after starting the year around .10 cents. Bitcoin had peaked about a month earlier at $63,674 on April 12th.

As is so often seen in manias, bubbles and feeding frenzies, at the time you could not find a person in America who was not talking about crypto. The proverbial shoe-shine boy was now your cousin, your uncle even your grandmother and they were all bursting with FOMO after reading the articles, especially the ones about the Dogecoin millionaires, who had made fortunes starting with a tiny sum.

Now, many of those same people are seeing a typical reversal, correction, bear phase, whatever you want to call it, and they are just as convinced of crypto’s demise today as they were that it was a sure-thing less than a month ago.

The on TikTok kids get it and are not backing down

Much like TikTok itself, the later arrivals to the huge phenomena that is Crypto are the old and out-of-touch, not the young and fast. Interestingly, an anecdotal survey of young and successful crypto “influencers” on TikTok and other social media are not shocked about the downturn. They get it.

Many have been learning about and actively involved with the crypto world for years. There is a real sense that the corrupt events that led to the financial crisis and near collapse in 2008 shaped their thinking and hardened their resolve to search for a better way. Crypto’s ideals and independent foundations have provided that, it seems.

While the mainstream of the media and the bulk of the financial establishment swing from a grudging respect to complete rejection, it appears to be the underlying concepts that present such a stark contrast in the perspective of the next generations.


Though, no less vulnerable to the excitement of 20,000 % gains and other sensational enticements, there is a somewhat surprising depth and resolve that is demonstrated in a level headed and clear thinking allegiance to the reasons crypto was created in the first place.

The outlandish price gains (and drops) are only window dressing

At the core of the question of crypto’s eventual widespread adoption and long term success lies a simple truth: fiat currencies and the governments that print them are a big problem for the future. And the generations of the future will be those that are most affected.

What Elon Musk recently called “The true battle… between fiat & crypto” is one that future generations appear to understand in ways that 100 year old billionaires like Warren Buffet and his side-kick Charlie Munger do not. Or maybe they side with the financial establishment they helped build, to the bitter end.


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For any reading this that also “get it” it would be wise to understand that, even at this early phase in the future of “the true battle” there is an army rising. It is not one of fossil fuels and battlefield tanks but one of ideology and belief in a better way.

The army that will stand up for the survival and continued development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain and “DeFi” are not a few random conscripts, they are generations of the future and they have chosen a side.

For that reason, signs point to an unlikely permanent collapse of cryptocurrencies and an impossibility of banning or stopping them as it is already too late.


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